What Is physical game

A Physical copy of a game refers to a game stored into disc. You play game  on your Console using Physical CD/DVD/Blu Ray Disc, be it PS4, PC, XBOX or any other platform.

*Nintendo Switch – Physical Game comes in form of Card. 

What Is digital Game

A digital copy of a game refers to a game stored without disc on your Console, be it PS4, PC, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch or any other platform.

Reason to buy digital games
  • They’re inconceivably advantageous. You can purchase and play without leaving the sofa. 
  • You’ll never lose them. Physical media is pleasant and all, however it tends to be lost, stolen, or β€” on the off chance that you have pets or little youngsters β€” crushed. 
  • You get the chance to appreciate cross-buy. Certain advanced diversions can be purchased once and played over different stages, which makes jettisoning physical recreations staggeringly engaging.


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